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So, it all started with this red stain I found on my baby's swaddle. I thought it was a little weird, but then I remembered my dog had a little cut on her nose, and maybe she was sniffing around? That's what I was putting my money on, anyway. MAYA! STOP LICKING THE BABY! (I have to say this quite often). 

The next day I saw it again! Cue PANIC. I immediately inspected Alex's entire mouth, face, every inch of his little body - was HE bleeding?! Nope. Nothing. Maybe it was the dog again, but her nose seems fine now. What the heck?! 

Then, I finally figured it out. I was cleaning a little drool off his face when I looked at the cloth and it was all red! His mouth was not bleeding, but his PACIFIER CLIP was. It was bleeding the copper coloring from the braided "suede" material. I was horrified! He chews on this thing like crazy all day, everyday. HELLO! Babies chew EVERYTHING! It was a gift and I had no idea where it came from. What was this gross, likely toxic dye my little baby was swallowing?! I'll never know, but I'll tell you one thing - he will never chew on a pacifier, pacifier clip, or teether that I'm not completely sure about, ever again. 

We stock Ryan + Rose pacifiers, pacifier clips, and teethers because we trust them with the safety of our own children, and if it's not good enough for our own children, it's not good enough for yours and it won't be sold in our shop. They were the first to actually shorten the pacifier clip in 2013, to make it CPSC sleep safe and crib safe! We are now happily using the Cutie PAT - Clear pacifier, which is a pacifier and teether in one (hence, the P - A - T), and the Cutie Clip - Remi to keep it from falling on the floor (we won't get into what kinds of germs are on that floor. Just clip that paci!). No more stains on his swaddle or outfit, they couldn't be cuter or higher quality, and we couldn't be happier about it! The clips are also great for attaching small toys and sippy cups so they're not constantly chucked across the room or swatted off the high chair ;)

There are so many Cutie PAT color options, as well as a thicker, bite-proof one for babies with teeth. And the Cutie Clip options? Don't even get me started. Whether you like the macramé look, the leather look, or the natural wood or BPA-free food-grade silicone bead look (or both)- there is something safe and non-toxic for every style. 

Below is the safety statement from the Ryan + Rose website:

"Safety is our number one priority at Ryan & Rose. All Ryan & Rose products and materials go through rigorous testing conducted by CPSC accredited labs. All Ryan & Rose products are CPSIA tested, safe, and certified. Cutie Clips are tested in machines for use/abuse/small parts. We also test materials to make sure they are safe and free of lead, PVC, BPA, phthalates, latex and other harmful metals and chemicals. We also test our beads, leathers, cords, glues, and sealants. It is our goal to not only meet CPSC testing requirements, but to surpass them and be the safest baby pacifiers and clips on the market." (source:

It's not just pacifier clips, though. Teethers, jewelry, loungers, cribs, clothing, skincare, diapers, even baby food! There are so many baby products that can be harmful and dangerous, and there are so many platforms to sell them without needing to put them through testing, and loopholes for that testing. Our advice? If it might go in, on, or around your baby - be sure about it. Read labels. Do your research. Watch the news for recalls. Check out the CPSC website for the latest information. It's not fool-proof, but do the best you can. You work too hard growing, loving, and caring for this perfect little baby to let him or her be harmed by a faulty product. 

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